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JONES W. G, Private, 3781556, King’s Regiment (Liverpool) and 4/2 Commando: ML 267

KELLY Francis, Private, 4467369, Border Regiment and 2 Commando: MGB 314 (age 21)

KING A. William (‘Bill’), Lance Sergeant, 5774460, Royal Norfolk Regiment and 1 Commando: HMS Campbeltown (MiD)

KNOWLES John A, Lance Sergeant, 2931031, Cameron Highlanders (Liverpool Scottish) and 4/2 Commando: ML 268

LAWSON William Henry, Private, 6401966, Royal Sussex Regiment and 1/2 Commando: ML 457

LEE W. J, 2/Lt (Alias) - was - COURAUD, Raymond Jack William, Second Lieutenant, P/221062, SOE: ML 447

LEMON Fred, Lance Corporal, 7903450, North Irish Horse and 12 Commando: HMS Campbeltown

LEWIS John Frederick, Guardsman, 2617158, Grenadier Guards and 2/2 Commando: ML 447 (age 25)

LLEWELLYN Frederick, Corporal, 4036505, King’s Shropshire Light Infantry and 1 Commando: ML 306 (age 22)

LLOYD Herbert Charles (‘Taffy’), Guardsman, 2617231, Grenadier Guards and 6/2 Commando: ML 156

LUCY Albert James, Fusilier, 6461459, Royal Fusiliers and 6/2 Commando: ML 192 (age 22)

MACLAGAN Ian Lawrence, Corporal, 2091312, Corps of Royal Engineers and 9 Commando: ML 457

MACLEAN Alex, Sergeant, 6465533, Royal Fusiliers and 3/2 Commando: ML 156

MATHER Harry, Lance Corporal, 3656822, South Lancashire Regiment and 4/2 Commando: ML 268 (age 22)

MATTISON William, Fusilier, 6459012, Royal Fusiliers and 3/2 Commando: HMS Campbeltown

MAYLOTT Jesse, Private, 3654748, South Lancashire Regiment and 4/2 Commando: ML 267 (age 21)

McCLAIR Alex, Lance Sergeant, 6968725, London Rifle Brigade and 2/2 Commando: ML 156

McCORMACK Thomas, Private, 2930404, Cameron Highlanders (Liverpool Scottish) and 5/2 Commando: HMS Campbeltown (age 25)

McDONALD J, Private, 3604728, Border Regiment and 3/2 Commando: ML 156

McKERR H (‘Beagle’), Lance Sergeant, 1875036, Corps of Royal Engineers and 5 Commando: HMS Campbeltown

MILNE R, Gunner, 2567490, Royal Regiment of Artillery and 5/2 Commando: HMS Campbeltown (MiD)

MOLLOY Joseph, Corporal, 7019264 (7018924?), Royal Ulster Rifles and 12 Commando: HMS Campbeltown

MONTGOMERY Robert Kerr, Captain, 118439, Corps of Royal Engineers (attached to 2 Commando): HMS Campbeltown (MC)

MORGAN Richard Fuller, Lieutenant, 105100, South Lancashire Regiment and 2/2 Commando: ML 262 (MiD)

MORT Alec, Corporal, 3656780, South Lancashire Regiment and 2 Commando: ML 443

MOSS Alan, Regimental Sergeant Major, 2930992, Cameron Highlanders (Liverpool Scottish) and HQ/2 Commando: ML 267 (MiD) (age 32)

Cpt. Bob Montgomery MC

To make doubly certain that the Normandie Dock could not be put back into use in the short term, the attacking force contained numerous Demolition Teams whose job it was to destroy a lengthy list of vital dockyard facilities.

In the case of the teams carried by Campbeltown, their success was the immediate responsibilty of Sapper Captain Bob Montgomery, one of two Engineers attached to 2 Commando who, far in advance of the raid, had chosen this very port as the subject of a dockyard demolition exercise.

With his area successfully cleared Bob rejoined Colonel Newman's HQ party and remained with them during the breakout across Bridge 'D'. All were later captured having taken refuge in a cellar which happened to be right across the street from German HQ.


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