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ROACH Thomas Ypres, Rifleman, 6849064, King’s Royal Rifle Corps and 6/2 Commando: ML 177 (age 25)

ROBERTS Harold (‘Aggs’), Lance Corporal, 2931676, Cameron Highlanders (Liverpool Scottish) and 5/2 Commando: HMS Campbeltown

ROBINSON Sydney, Guardsman, 2619196, Grenadier Guards and 4/2 Commando: ML 268 (age 21)

RODD Stanley W, Sergeant, 6465544, Royal Fusiliers and 6/2 Commando: ML 192

RODERICK John Morgan, Lieutenant, 94409, Essex Regiment and 3/2 Commando: HMS Campbeltown (MC)

ROE Harold Reginald, Private, 5346498, Royal Berkshire Regiment and 2/2 Commando: ML 447

ROGERS Joseph Gerard Anthony (‘Joe’), Lance Corporal, 2933493, Cameron Highlanders (Liverpool Scottish) and 5/2 Commando: ML 443

ROWE A, Lance Corporal, 3773996, King’s Regiment (Liverpool) and 4/2 Commando: ML 443

ROY Donald William, Captain, 88495, Cameron Highlanders (Liverpool Scottish) and 5/2 Commando: HMS Campbeltown (DSO)

ROUSSELL A, Lance Corporal, 5566498, 1/2 Commando: ML 446

SALISBURY G, Private, 5952271, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment and 1/2 Commando: ML 177

SALISBURY Glyn, Corporal, 4191846, Royal Welch Fusiliers and 1 Commando: ML 306

SCULLY Len, Private, 5337053, Royal Berkshire Regiment and 1/2 Commando: ML 446

SEARSON Alfred Clarence (‘Alf’), Lance Sergeant, 6403917, Royal Sussex Regiment and 1/2 Commando: ML 457 (MM)

SEATON Alan (‘Sandy’), Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant, T/1054316, Royal Army Service Corps and HQ/2 Commando: ML 447

SHEARS H, Pvt. (Presence not confimed)

SHENTON Joseph, Private, 5046468, King’s Shropshire Light Infantry and 9 Commando: ML 268 (age 29)

SHERMAN Thomas (‘Tom’), Troop Sergeant Major, 3772771, King’s Regiment (Liverpool) and 4/2 Commando: ML 156

SHERWIN A. E. G, Private, 6351428, Queen’s Own Royal West Kent Regiment and 3/2 Commando: HMS Campbeltown

SHIPTON Herbert. J (‘Bert’), Lance Corporal, 2041795, Corps of Royal Engineers and 9 Commando: ML 457

SIMISTER Charles Arnold, Corporal, 7363858, Royal Army Medical Corps attached to 2 Commando: ML 307

SIMPSON Harold L, Lance Corporal, 2879581, Gordon Highlanders and 3/2 Commando: HMS Campbeltown (MiD)

SIMS Richard William, Lance Corporal, 2033171, Somerset Light Infantry and 2/2 Commando: ML 177 (MM)

SINNOTT Edward (‘Ted’), Corporal, 3654059, South Lancashire Regiment and 4/2 Commando: ML 306

SMALLEY Christopher John, Lieutenant, 92876, Manchester Regiment and 5 Commando: HMS Campbeltown (MiD) (age 31)

SMITH A, Corporal, 6573594, 1/2 Commando: ML 446

Captain Donald Roy DSO

Captain Donald Roy, known affectionately as 'The Laird', led an Assault Party most of whom hailed from the 'Liverpool Scottish', and when they stormed ashore from Campbeltown, the majority were wearing kilts.

Having knocked out the guns on top of the Pumping Station, Roy and his men then held a strategically vital bridgehead where, in spite of losses, they remained in place until all the dock Demolition Parties had passed through on their way to the Mole for re-embarkation.

When this proved to be impossible, Roy was instrumental in executing a daring breakout attempt through enemy lines. With the number of wounded mounting, Donald went in search of water for them, chose a building which sadly transpired to be a police station, and was taken prisoner.


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