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The 'Campbeltown' name did not die with the destruction of the original American-built destroyer in March, 1942. Instead it was adopted by the Type 22 frigate, shown above alongside the the Quai du Commerce in Saint-Nazaire. A member of the Broadsword Class with the designation F86, the new ship, a regular visitor to Saint-Nazaire, was launched on October 7th, 1987, and completed in Spring 1989. Sadly she too has now fallen victim to time, decommissioned in July 2013. With the 75th anniversary of the raid coming up in March, 2017 Campbeltown's presence in the submarine basin, and that of her crew drawn up before the Monument du Commando, will be sorely missed. (For further details of this class see - ‪ ‬

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An old friend, much-missed